Adjusting music to fit voice recording

Win 7 Audacity 2 1.1
2 Questions: I am new to Audacity and making a mediation CD/Mp3 etc. I made one on the fly and it came out pretty good except for the clearing of the throat, reading too fast etc. So I’m doing a new one. The music doesn’t fit. I don’t know whether the time-shift tool is how to extend the music by cutting and pasting? Right now I have the same music on the third track over lapping. Until I figure it out. So then I have the throat clearing on my new one, how to cut that out?
Also on the effects are all of them supposed to enabled? I have went through my Audio playing around with some of them. Its really awesome software. My ex BF had a Yamaha and it did the same type of stuff, I can’t believe this is available now and Thank You to the creators of this software. Making a meditation tape is something I’ve been wanting to do for years.
My fire one is 10 mins on sound-cloud:
I can’t believe how good it came out for the first time. There are mistakes granted but the music fit on that one. Now the new one is 13 mins long so how to extend my music track to add 3:00? Its a generic meditation sound track to cutting it pretty much anywhere and pasting to the 10 mins is easy but I don’t know how.
Also how to edit out a “sound”
Thank you! Sorry to ask I have a eye condition right now so it makes it hard for me to search through everything. I have tried to print out and highlight stuff, but somethings I don’t understand.
Thank You in advance.

Unless you’re using that tinkling, new-age, Yoga, elevator music which has no beginning and no end, you don’t. You pick the music first. If you are using New-Age, etc, you can copy and paste to the end until it’s the right length. If you cut it just right, you can match the beginning and end tinkles so nobody can tell what you did.

You can go nuts with this. Import two copies of the music one above the other (or import one and Duplicate) and use the Time Shift Tool (two left and right black arrows) to shift one later than the other and the envelope tool (two white arrows and bent blue line) to fade each one in and out.

If you’re not up to that, See: Pick the music first. If you got reeeeely close, you can extend or compress the music slightly with the Change tools. Effect > Change Speed, Effect > Change Tempo, and Effect > Change pitch. If you do too much, the music quality will start to fall apart, or it will just sound funny or ratty.

Hire someone to compose the music for you to exactly fit and match the vocal performance (said the guy who lives down the street from Hollywood).

You can suppress coughs and other vocal problems as one-off edits. Zoom into the blue waves for the cough, drag-select it and silence it with Control-L. Select the next cough, etc. This will work out particularly well with music in the background and really well if you record with little or no noise behind your voice. This is where recording in a bare-wood floor, spare apartment next to a highway is going to kill you.

You can set a label on the fly when you cough to it’s easier to go back and fix the sound.

I wrote a quick tutorial on zooming:

Screen View and Zooming.

— Screen Update:
For Recording, I set Audacity to continually update the screen even though it’s flipping instead of scrolling. During playback and editing, I switch updating off to keep my edit point view from flipping away from me by accident.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Tracks > [_] Update Display… (de-select for play).

— Time View:
You can manually scroll the work sooner and later by holding Shift and running the mouse scroll-wheel.

— Zoom:
I only use three Zooms:
Zoom into a drag-selected segment: Control-E.
Zoom Out a little bit because I screwed up and zoomed in too far: Control-3.
Zoom Out to the full show: Control-F.

There are pages of zoom options.


Missed one.

When you drag-select your cough, you can just delete with with your keyboard DEL key, but that will throw the performance timing off. Control-L does not.


Thank you!!!
I will print that out, and yes I’m using a “new age” music with no end so if I can fig out how to splice them together no prob.
Right now I have the :
Audio track
I music track
and the other music track to fill in the empty space. LOL I know there must be a way to cut and paste/splice them together.
The first time I did it I was really lucky the music fit with my voice track!
But it was too fast and hurried and the “cough” thing. I will try to mark it to remove it on the new one.
Thank you. I will print out and let you know how it goes. I really appreciate the help!
Thank you again.

It’s impossible to cover everything in one or two posts. Post back when/if you get stuck.