adjusting left and right channels for recording.

Gooday, when recording my left channel is 2 db higher than my right. I am converting LP’s to PC to iTunes. I have a record that generates a 10 second tone for each channel separately. That’s how I see the 2db difference. Is there a way to equal the recording channels? I am using Audacity 2.4.2, Windows 10 64bit and a usb turntable.
Thank you.

You could “Normalize” with the “stereo channels independently” option enabled.

Maybe also try to check the setup of your turntable.

It sounds to me like the tracking could be off somewhat causing a channel imbalance. This is tricky to get right, but have a look at youtube for some tutorials. And don’t forget to check that the connectors on the cartidge are securely seated.

Gooday and thanks for response. I’m old school and would like to make the adjustment. I thought there would be a slide control to boost the right channel. Not sure I understand how NORMALIZE would help.

There’s a “Pan” slide control in the panel on the left end of the track: Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual
If you move it to the right, it lowers the left channel.

Just so we’re clear - Unless you have an interface that has separate left & right recording level knobs you’ll have to make the adjustment after recording.

I’m old school and would like to make the adjustment.

If you click the little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform you can [u]Split Stereo Track[/u] which allows you to edit the left & right channels separately. For example, you can apply the Amplify effect to one channel at a time and you can make an exact 2dB adjustment. (You can use a negative value for Amplification if you want to attenuate.)

Not sure I understand how NORMALIZE would help.

(Regular) normalization is a volume adjustment that brings the peak to 0dB (or near 0dB). If you Normalize independently both channels will have the exact same peak level.

Note that the peak levels don’t necessarily correlate with “loudness”, so alternatively you can try Loudness Normalization (independently). Note that Loudness Normalization is done without regard to the peaks so it’s a good idea to (regular) normalize (non-independently) or Amplify afterwards to avoid clipping and/or to maximize the volume.