Adjust volume for overdubbing

My apologies for ignorance, however, I am trying to record a meditation using background meditation music. I cannot get the volume of the music low enough in the background for my meditation vocal. Have used “Amplify” on the imported music, but then my voice is also too low. Can I just lower the volume on the music track while keeping my voice at a normal level?

If you’re doing this right, actual overdubbing, the show is in two separate tracks and you can adjust each one as you wish before combining them into one show.

That is what you did, right?

The overdubbing process plays old tracks, click tracks, or synchronization tracks into your headphones while you perform. The performance gets put on its own individual track by itself. Then you rewind the whole thing and put the guitar track down. Then the drums.

All on their own tracks. In each case you get to pick what instruments get heard in your headphones.

There is a way to misadjust your sound routing such that all the old tracks get jammed into your new one and the process keeps getting louder and louder. Not’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording: [X]Overdub… should be selected only.