Adjust recording volume 3.2.x

System: Windows 10 or higher
Release: audacity 3.2.x

It would be desirable to restore the ability to permanently fix in the program interface the old command Adjust recording volume (now in the Mixer menu) which now has to be opened each time it needs to be used. We are a non profit organization of audiobook players for children with reading difficulties and we need continuous access to that command to adjust the standard of recordings. Maybe you could put a command in Edit/Preferences/recording, to customize the program interface as needed

The slider to adjust recording level is now incorporated into the meter …

Hello, sorry for your troubles but many of us Audacity users from years ago have had many issues with sound and recording levels. Personally I’ve never been able to fix this audacity problem. As far as I can see or figure out, adjust recording volume in and with 3.2.3, still doesn’t work.

12 then 10 years ago I had problem adjusting recording levels. Tried again 5 years ago, no go. With completely new computer system, hardware and software(windows10 22H2) still no go and still can’t control recording levels. Today (8 Jan 2023) I still can’t get Audacity to control recording levels. Seems to be software that no one here at least; can get to work on this issue.

We’ve spent hours with 3.2.3 and its still a no go. I personally gave up and have been trying other software. I’ve tried many but the program Ocenaudio_win64_3.11.21 would be the one I would suggest right now. For our use Ocenaudio is the go in free software. Others work okay but this software was up and working for us in…no more than 2 mins. The recording of sound and its levels are completely controlled within the program. I’ve spent more than 25 years in computer programming and its really nice to use software that is designed to be understood and used.

Good Luck,