Adding wireless mic to camcorder with 3.5 mm input

Our chapter hosts and video records speakers. We use a wired Lavalier mic but want to capture audience questions. How can I add a wireless Lavalier mic and a wireless handheld mic to the same 3.5 mm mic input on the camcorder? We have a small budget and use the Samson Q2U dynamic mic. Is there a wireless adapter that will make an XLR mic a wireless mic?

I don’t think you are going to find a budget solution which uses your existing hardware.

Yes - many. I did and internet search for xlr wireless adapter and many results appeared.

Hi Jademan,

Can you let me know, regardless of price, what wireless 3.5 mm connector would work? What wireless XLR adaptors did you find?



XLR connections are balanced and they aren’t properly-compatible with the unbalanced input on a soundcard, laptop, or phone, and probably not your camera. And you still way to mix the lavalier with handheld.

The best solution is probably to use a mixer (with wired or wireless mics) and record with a computer (or solid state recorder) and then synchronize later. If you use a laptop with only mic-in and headphone-out you’d need a mixer with a USB output, or a USB audio interface with line-inputs.

Or maybe you can keep using the lavalier directly into the camcorder and record the wireless handheld separately with different equipment. You can mix later in Audacity, or your video editor probably does audio mixing.

If the lavalier is not XLR you’ll need an XLR mic to plug-into the mixer.

For the initial sync you can clap your hands in view of the camera to simulate a clapperboard. Assuming the camera is also recording audio it’s easy to line-up the waveforms in your video editor and in that case you don’t really need the visual of the clap. The audio & video may drift apart over a long program but that gives you a good initial sync.

I would go with what DVDdoug said. I have little to no experience with the camcorder inputs. As for specific wireless adapters, a bunch just came up when I googled it.

Hi DVDdoug,

I did a little research for equipment that will work to connect a Wireless Microphone System (Lavilier/Handheld) to a Camcorder via a Mixer.

Camcorder - Canon VIXIA HF M31
Mizer - Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD
Wireless mic system - Samson XPD2 Handheld and Lavalier USB Digital Wireless System with USB Stick Receiver.

Mic Specs - 2. 4GHz USB digital wireless.
Works with any Samson product that features an XPD USB port.
RXD2 USB receiver 3. 5mm line output to connect to a mixer with analog input.
HXD1 handheld microphone transmitter with Samson Q6 dynamic microphone.

Connect each receiver to the mixer XLR mic inputs with a USB to XLR adapter.
Connect mixer 1/4" output to camcorder 3.5mm mic input with 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter.

I think this will work but would like some comment from this forum.


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