Adding vinyl surface noise to audio tracks

On a very old version windows 7 of Goldwave I can add the vinyl surface noise and choose the speed for the crackle 33/45/78 etc).
Is this possible on the current Audacity?

Audacity does not have any native effects which can do that.
There are free vinyl emulation plugins which work in Audacity, e.g. …

There’s also plenty of vinyl crackle on Freesound.

Izotope Viny is probably better for that, but most GoldWave licenses are lifetime with free upgrades. I’ve had a license for a LONG time. Before Audacity existed, I think. They now offer a 1-year license as well as a lifetime license and there is still a fully-functional free trial.

There is also a Nyquist plug-in for adding various kinds on noise to tracks: Adding noise to a track | AudioNyq
Although this effect does not produce repeating “scratched vinyl” sound, the “crackle” is a reasonable emulation of surface noise and the effect is quick and easy to use.