Adding video to my completed audio project.

Want to attach a video of me playing my guitar to my audio project. Newbie to this. I do know it will have to do editing etc. to make sure they are synced thru the whole song.
Not that concerned with the quality of the video, just the audio and that it is synced. Hoping I can just do a video with the skype camera on my computer of me playing the song. Getting rid of the audio from the video recording somehow then adding and editing the video into my audio project or vice versa. Can this be done with Audacity or some other program.

You’re missing the piece in the middle. Audacity will sometimes open the audio track from a video by adding the FFMpeg software, but we can’t go backwards. Even if we do manage to make a terrific sound track in Audacity, you’ll need a video editor to jam our audio and your video back together.

Do all your work in 48000, 16-bit, Stereo (not 44100), that’s as close as you’re going to get to having the two media standards match. They may not match sync very well if you go into half hour or hour shows, but for short, 3 min videos it might be OK.

The grownups use expensive processor boards to make sure the video camera and sound recorder are running at the same speed. The clapperboard at the front gives them the sync point.

Everybody knows that the director yells “Action!” at the top of a scene, but less well known is the Assistant Camera who runs into the scene with a clapper and yells "Camera Mark! [bang]. Then the director yells “Action.” Later, the editors in dark rooms match up the picture of the board with the sound of the bang.

We do all that stuff for a reason. Chaos is the movie shoot where they don’t do that. You only do that wrong once.


If you’re using consumer grade equipment, it might pay handsomely to do an end-clap, as well. Do the beginning clap as above and then shoot the scene, but when you’re done, hold the clapperboard upside down and clap it again. That’s an end-clap. You can use that in editing to figure out how far off the two length’s are from each other.

That second clap will give you the timing corrections you’ll need to get the two to line up. I’m expecting you to be able to use standard Effect > Change Speed since the errors should be really small. Once you figure out that the error is, you should be able to apply it to all the clips that you shot with the same equipment.


You’ll need a video-editor program to add audio to video …