adding tracks

adding tracks is very cumbersome the way i presently do it. if i have a track open, then wish to add a second track to run sequentially, i open a second copy of audacity and add a track to it, copy the track, and then go back to the first track and paste it there. if i want to then add a third track, again i open another copy of audacity with the third track and then copy and paste it onto the first copy of audacity which has tracks number 1 and 2. if i want to add a fourth track, i again have to open it with a new copy of audacity, etc.

there must be a way to do add sequential tracks without all the opening, copying and pasting that i am doing. can someone tell me an easier way?

Open all the tracks in one Audacity window, (e.g. drag’n’drop).
then choose to align tracks end to end
then choose mix and render.

Alternatively use Audacity’s time shift tool to manually move all the open tracks onto one track …