Adding Track Positions (to skip to next track)

I’ve recorded a DJ set but I’d like to be able to add track (next tune) positions to allow me to skip to the next tune once I’ve exported this and I’m playing it in the car etc.
I’ve had a quick look through the manual and help but I’m not sure how i’d do this or even if its able to let me do this.

cheers Pete.

If you are making an audio CD, you need to split the track into separate songs (see: and then use your CD burning software to compile the songs into the correct order.

If you just want MP3s, then split the track into songs (as above), and if your player supports “play lists”, then you can create a playlist (See: and

Some players support track labels within a single MP3 file, but that’s not very standardized, and is not supported by Audacity.