Adding track markers to a single .wav file to play as gapless, but can skip if needed.

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I am new to forums so I apologize in advance for any violations of practices or protocol.

I have been trying to find some information about preparing a single .wav file of a live music festival performance. I would like to burn this single file with track markers. Ideally, it would be gapless playback, no breaks or pauses, but I could skip to a desired song if I wanted to. The information I did happen to find is between 8-13 years old and on older versions of this software.

I just wondering if this is even possible, and if it is, just some instructions to do so.

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That’s not “standard” for any “computer file” formats other than audiobooks, and your player software would also have to support it and I don’t know of any that do.

The normal solution is to make separate audio files (with no silence at the beginning or end) and then “tag” the files with the track/chapter number.

I’d try FLAC files… Tagging for WAV files is not well-standardized and “gapless” MP3s can be tricky because MP3 compression adds a little silence to the beginning and end of the file and the player-software has to get-around that.

I would like to burn this single file with track markers.

If you actually want to “burn” A CD you can use a [u]Cue Sheet[/u] with a single WAV file, and burning software that supports cue sheets to place the track markers. (I use [u]ImgBurn[/u].)

The other “shiny disc” formats also support chapters without breaks.

Or, I believe some player software (maybe VLC) can play from a cue sheet. In that case, you’re not adding “markers” or anything to the actual audio file.

Thank you DVDDoug for your hasty reply. It is greatly appreciated!

This would be used for a “shiny disc” cd for playback in my truck. While PC allows me to just click on slider to the time of the song (Example 33:02 minutes in), the cd player in my truck only will allow me to press and hold forward until i reach the song. Slow process, as you can imagine. I type in the selection star/end and add label for selection. Then I name the selection in small drop down menu. But, it seems to lose track of every previous selection as you progress through the track repeating the above steps.

I’m not even sure the high end, paid media suites are capable of what I am trying to do. But pressed live albums have this option where you can just let the cd play gapless and uninterrupted, or you can just skip to the song you want.

Regardless, thanks again for your time and effort in pointing me in the right direction.




I am not nearly the expert on this as the other people here are, but I was able to do this, so maybe you would be interested in a basic solution, ha ha.

I tracked each song on Audacity using -B then did an Export Several, to download each song in a separate WAV files. Then whatever burning program you use, make sure you put the songs in the correct order, and choose the option of no space between songs.

I even just did this on Windows 10 own program Windows Media Player. It allowed me to burn the songs to a CD with no space in between songs. You can jump to tracks or play the whole thing. There is no gap between songs, it is all seamless.