Adding track markers during live recording

Apologies if this has been answered previously. I searched through past questions and the manual but with no success.

Question relating to MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 / Audacity 2.4.2.

Is there a way to mark a specific point in a track during a live recording without interrupting stopping the recording? I found information about track labelling, but this seemed to require selecting the area to be labelled outside of a live recording session.

As an example scenario - doing a local recording of my side of a podcast stream, and wanting to note a particular time that I will need to return to after recording is completed for editing. A quick shortcut I could press shortly after the edit point while the live recording was in session would be ideal.

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You can do that in real time, but I see it’s not obvious how. Or at least it used to be.

Real Time Labels (Not Markers. The video people have those.) have always been a little out there, and I can’t find the definitive guide right this second. It’s going to take a little digging.

At one time, the system let you set labels anywhere you wanted, but then hung until you labeled the label (so to speak). Then, after you got done, it turned out the label track and the show weren’t synchronized, so the first edit flushed all your theatrical pointers.

So Real Time Labels have always been ‘innocent of utility’.


It says Command+B. but that only works once on my machine…??

Waiting for an elf better at editing.


On Linux and Windows it’s “Ctrl + M”

Possibly “command + M” on Mac, though I vaguely recall “command + .” (dot) being something on Mac.

See this manual page.

On Mac you can press Cmd+. to create a label during recording or playback, then do it again and again at subsequent times. You can also type into each label after creating it.

– Bill

Thanks all, this was exactly what I needed.

(Cmd + .) does not work on the “Magic Keyboard” for iMac, because you would have to press Shift to access the dot key. I replaced it with (Cmd + ; ) in the keyboard preferences > shortcut. Now it works. ( . and ; ) are on the same key.


I’ve just tested, and “Cmd + .” works for me with an Apple Magic Keyboard (English).

What a mishmash! :blush: Our keyboards are not the same in different countries.
But Apple has more than one trick in its bag :smiling_imp: : you can switch from one keyboard to another. I didn’t try to see if the keyboard shortcuts change, it could put my poor froggy skull in total confusion. :mrgreen: