Adding Time code to Audacity clock

Hello I an wondering if audacity can generate timecode or Is there a plug-in to add a generator?
If i import timecode onto a track as a file can I route the timecode/SMTPE out to an external device as a independent track. Can I get the adjust the clock to start when I want it to start?

You have discovered one reason Audacity can’t be used for surveillance, law enforcement, or conflict resolution. No good way to manage time.

Yes, you can totally include SMPTE Time Code as one of the two built-in sound tracks, but then you have to jump through hoops to manage it in editing. The right-hand speaker will always sound like this:

Ideally, of course, your show has three tracks, the time code being one of them, and then cause your separate time code reader to display it while Audacity is playing your show. Unfortunately, Audacity will only ever play two sound tracks, not three.

Then there’s the accuracy thing. Where are you going to get the time from? Not the cheap-trash clock generator on the sound card.

Time code is a frequently requested feature that’s a lot harder than you think.


I only need TC to last about 3 to 4 minutes a show. I am hoping to do a little test this evening to see how this goes. I love the label system. It helps me move to different spots in the dialogue quickly.

This is not an “All I Need Is…” kind of problem. I got that time code sample from the back of a multi-thousand dollar broadcast videotape machine.

I don’t know of a SMPTE generator or reader that’s not an expensive product. Someone else may post. Audacity has no idea what to do with that.

And as usual with the forum, if you do figure out how to do it, post back so we can share the information.


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