Adding textual data to project

Some of my projects (better to say ALL) are the songs. And I always keep lyrics open but in other software.
I open the project and then looking for the notepad file and then they just like two balls drifting on the screen leading one of another… Very uncomfortable…
Please, tell me if there’s such ability to make it located on one common shared window/screen?
Thank you.

What are you doing, or what are you trying to do? Are talking about displaying the lyrics while playing the songs?

I use [u]MiniLyrics[/u] which is a lyrics display plug-in that works with most audio-player software. It can embed lyrics and/or create LRC files and it includes an online database with synchronized lyrics to most popular songs, and there is an editor if the lyrics are not in the database or if they are wrong.

Yes, DVDdog, exactly… I like singing… and see lyrics while singing, or at least 2b able to attach it to the project data.
So I would see the digital data graphs and, say, right embed frame with text data.

I’ll try your way… but was it so hard to add such feature to the App?

Sometimes I do a project and search lyrics, then stop it, just to go to bed, and then I could postpone it for awhile… then when I return to it, the lyrics would be lost or I have to search it again on a disk… I don’t ask more, just one text data block to the project XML tree…

No necessarily to make it synchronized with music… like in Karaoke, just text and that’s it… like a comment.


Audacity can do that, but I suspect that it will be too fiddly for your needs.

You can enter lyrics as “Labels”, with one word per label, and then the “Karaoke view” will scroll the lyrics with a bouncing ball landing on the next work when playback reaches that label: Karaoke - Audacity Manual

hELLO, Steve)

Karaoke words feeding is awful. When I sing I improvise and I needn’t it to follow it each time, just to refresh and see what’s next…
Because sometime instead of correct word some other comes up as a surprise-surprise… and ruins all record…))

I did say that I didn’t expect it to be suitable for your particular needs, but that’s what Audacity has.

Another alternative, you could print the lyrics onto paper! :open_mouth: