Adding silence to a MIDI/Note track

Is it possible to add silence to a MIDI/Note track? I need 15.937 seconds of silence at the start of my track (because darned Google Song Maker didn’t keep the silence and instead saved the MIDI without the silence) and since the number is extremely specific, I need it to be precise.
How would I go about adding the silence? I am on version 2.3.2 on Windows 10.

Actually, I need 16.029 seconds of silence, but still, it’s a specific number.

Audacity’s MIDI capabilities are very limited, but I think that can be done.

  1. Select from the exact time to a bit beyond the end of the track (Use the “Selection Toolbar” to get the start of the selection in the right place)
  2. “Cut”
  3. Set the start of the selection to where you want the MIDI to resume.
  4. “Paste”

Be aware that MIDI notes that have started playing before the “Cut” position will continue to sound until the end of the note, even if that is beyond the “Cut” position.