Adding Rode NT1A to Audacity Audio Setup - I can't find it PLEASE HELP

I’ve got the Rode NT1A mic for voice over, just purchased the Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2i2 today. I’ve plugged it in, downloaded Audacity & ffMPeg, plugged in my headphones… I can’t hear anything through headphones and computer is only picking up it’s own mic… I need some help please. I’ve searched all topics and can’t find any guidance on here. TIA

You have to select USB (the Scarlett ) as the recording device …

Hi Trebor,
Thanks so much for your response.
I have now managed to select the Scarlett as you’ve suggested and am recording input and hearing output via headphones now,… for some reason the Focusrite wasn’t in ‘switched on’ mode… the lights randomly came on and then it showed up to be selected.

My BIG problem now is that the audio sounds pretty terrible, hollow and tinny and the first 2 words always sound like they have an echo.

Love some suggestions if you have any.

This is usually due to Windows “audio enhancements” which should be turned off … Disable Audio Enhancements - Microsoft Support

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