Adding Reverb

Hi listeners! I am using Audcity 1.2.6 for homerecording purposes and I would like to add some reverberation (reverb) to my vocals.
That does not seem to be an option.
Is there any plugin to fux this? Or should I mover on to Audacity 1.3 or higher?
Thankx for your comment!

Try selecting the entire waveform of the track to which you wish to add reverb by single-clicking the box at its left and then click on Effect-Gverb. Experiment with the settings until you find what you are looking for. Probably if you search this board and the Recording Techniques board you will find suggestions about the effect of different settings in Gverb.

And effects > Echo on a short echo time with multiple echoes

Well, and the obvious time-saving tip Geert-Jan.

First choose a smallish (15-20 seconds) part of your vocal track and experiment on that.

When you have the effect you like, proceed as follows:

  • undo ‘reverb effect’
  • select whole track
  • repeat effect (first option in the effects menu)

I can’t see the Effect-Gverb under the Effect menu (1.2.6 on OSX 10.4.10). Is this something I have to add-on?


I see you’re running Audacity on a Mac, that’s probably why your reverb plugin isn’t called Gverb. I have an old iMac running OS 9.2.2 in addition to a newer PC and Audacity 1.0.0 shows a plugin called Freeverb on the iMac. Maybe that’s what you will find on your OSX Mac.

At it suggests there is an OSX version.

I downloaded that and installed it using the installer, but that effect (and perhaps there are many contained with this file) don’t show up in the menu.

Should I post this in the OSX forum instead?


I Googled “mac audio plugin reverb os x free” and came up with a list that presents a number of choices. Whatever plugin you choose, make sure its lib file ends up in Audacity’s Plug Ins folder so it can show up in the availabe list. Good luck!

I have been using Audacity for quite a while and all my EFFECTS are GRAYED out What do I have to do to get them working… Marsh

You have to have some audio selected - either one or more whole tracks, or part of the track(s).

…And for that the recording must be stopped, not paused :smiley: