adding plugins

I’m having trouble adding pulgins into audacity. I read the instructions on here and downloaded the files and put them into the audacity plugins folder. I am only able to download .ny files though (no idea what these are). I thought I needed .dll files for plugins…Help is much appreciated. thanks

“.ny” files are “Nyquist” plug-ins.
Nyquist plug-ins are supported by Audacity on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux).

VST plug-ins are generally in the form of “.dll” files, or “.zip” files that contain the “.dll” files.
The Audacity web-site does not currently host any VST plug-ins, but many are available elsewhere on the Internet.
Audacity 1.3.12 has basic support for VST plug-ins on Windows and (possibly) Mac OS X.
VST support is incomplete - MIDI functions and VSTi (VST Instruments) are not currently supported.

Both VST and Nyquist plug-ins can be installed by putting the plug-in file into the Audacity plug-in folder and restarting Audacity.
In the case of VST plug-ins (only) it is also necessary to make Audacity rescan for new plug-ins.

Audacity also supports LADSPA plug-ins (there are some available on the main Audacity web site).

See here for more information:

Cannot see the plugins folder in audacity when trying to install the silence marker. Does anyone else not have this I am using beta version.

If you use the current 1.3.13 version that plug-in is already included so you don’t need to install it manually.