Adding new audio to beginning of existing project

Tried searching but to no avail. 1st timer, have an existing saved project (from cassette), want to add new audio (right from the cassette deck) to the start point/beginning of the project not the end. I would prefer this to recording another separate project & copy & pasting, as the audio is of a concert (part 2 of 3) & belongs before my saved projects audio. I have a box of unmarked live music cassettes that were recorded but never listened to, so there is no way of knowing what’s on them till they’re played for the first time, so I will need to do this on occasion. Thank you!

Mute the recorded track.
Record the new track (Shift + R)
Use the Time Shift Tool ( to slide the first track to the right so that it starts after the second track.

Note that when you export, the two tracks will be mixed down into a single continuous audio file.