Adding Music to Podcast

I am using Windows 10 and I want to apply music at the beginning and the end of my Podcast which also an import file as well; how do I do that. Thank you in advance. :confused:

Assuming that you have three audio files: Intro music, Podcast, end music:
(Tip: For best quality, you should use WAV files.)

  1. Import the three files into Audacity
  2. Zoom out a bit so that you can see some empty space beyond the end of the podcast (see:
  3. Use the Time Shift Tool to slide the tracks left / right as necessary so that they play in the correct order.
  4. Export the finished podcast.

Tip: Export two copies of the podcast. One in MP3 format (your actual finished podcast), and the other in WAV format (your backup copy).
MP3 encoding always reduces the sound quality a bit, so best to use WAV during production and for backups and only use MP3 when you have to.