adding low end BASS to aiff

I know that once a track is mixed in the studio there’s little you can do to fix it but I want to try. I have a lot of Beach Boy music and there is no BASS where do I start. I’m on a Mac latest El Capitan and Audacity If I could send a track I would but there at least 11MB’s or more all aiff

It’s 2MB attachment restriction, so no, you can’t post a whole AudioBook chapter, either.

The restriction might not be whether or not there’s any bass there to boost, but how are you listening to it? If you are using a headphone system with no bass or, much more likely, a speaker system with no bass, you can produce a hideously off-balance recording prone to overloading and clipping and only sounds reasonable on your computer but nowhere else. That’s the down side of remixing, enhancing or sweetening a show. Compared to what?

But you can certainly mess with Effect > Equalizer and get bass boost effects. Have you ever used one of those music system equalizers with the row of sliders left to right? Audacity’s equalizer has a setting that makes it look like that.
Scroll down. It’s called Graphic Equalizer setting. It doesn’t have the range of the normal adjustments, but it’s easier to use.

No, you can’t hear the boost in real time (I believe). Set one and then listen to it.

Start with tones around 200Hz and work down. You might start with a “real song” to hear what the tools do, then mess with Beach Boys.

There’s another setting you might want. Bass notes (if you find any) overload easily. View > Show Clipping. If your new boosted notes (if you find any) will turn red on the timeline if they overload. Use one of the volume control tools Effect > Amplify or Effect > Normalize to bring the volume back down to normal.

Audacity doesn’t actually overload while the song is inside. It just warns you. The instant you export an overloaded song to the outside world, it will turn to garbage.

Oh, one more. Do Not Work On Original Sound Files. Make copies and work on the copies.


11MB’s or more all aiff

Probably not. 11GB, maybe? 11MB is about a minute.


Thanks Ill try Im listening using my system:
WD usb2 2TB external HD Only Music aiff’s on it
MacBook Pro 2013 8GB RAM 256 internal Flash drive usb3
ifi DAC nano latest driver
MusicLink Transparent Interface cables
Reference B&K 200.2 S2 Power amp 225W RMS
Parasound 2100 Classic Preamp
Paradigm 100 S series speakers

There is also the “Bass and Treble” effect:

Thanks will try

Decided to work in Adobe Audition Thanks