Adding jpg,png,..etc images to a mp3 file???

Is it possible to add a track image to your created mp3’s?

MP3 is a video format. Its full family name is MPEG1, Layer 3. So you could create a video of your still and the MP3 would ride along as the sound track. I think most media players will accept it. it’s a very old format, a cousin to Video CD.


I use [u]Mp3Tag[/u] (FREE!!!) for adding “album artwork” and for adding/editing ID3 tags (title, artist, album information, etc.).

I’ve never tried a PNG image, but most players & player software will display an embedded JPG, and this is the most-standardized way to do it. Some player software (such as Winamp) will also display an image in the same folder as the music files. The advantage is that you need only one copy of the image for an entire album, instead of multiple copies taking-up space.

MP3 is a video format.

It’s derived from a video format and you can have an audio/video file that contains audio in MP3 format, but I’ve never seen an audio/video “MP3”.

It’s derived from a video format

Yes, and we’ve seen MP3s that insist on frame boundaries because of its heritage.

It’s derived from a video format and you can have an audio/video file that contains audio in MP3 format

Right. You get an .mpg file with an MP3 inside.

I’ve never seen an audio/video “MP3”.

In Windows, you can have MyMusic.mp3 and it’s a video file. Of course, it’s really MyMusic.mp3.mpg, and Windows will thoughtfully hide the extension to “help you.”

for adding “album artwork” and for adding/editing ID3 tags (title, artist, album information, etc.

What’s the restriction on art size, if any?

Anything for the Mac people?


Try Googling “itunes album art”.

This looks to me like a YES or NO question, does anyone actually want to answer it with a YES and maybe a how to, or just NO and if it’s planned to be added in the near future?

OK, so I do assume it’s a no, because I can’t find anywhere to do it, but just in case it’s hidden somewhere. There are many tagging programs that can do it, the point is to do it in Audacity, when saving, since one is already editing tags, and not have to resort to another app.

With Audacity being an Open source app, maybe some programmer can find a way and share it with the developers. Since I don’t even use Windows, perhaps a Linux solution where doing this sort of thing is more routine, and since Linux users are more used to adding/changing code in some file even without programming skills, as at least it will suffice for us Linux users for the time being.

No, not in Audacity.

https ://

One that is conspicuous by its absence:
EasyTAG supports album art.

Thanks for the clear answer.

As for the Linux section of the forum, Audacity, and most apps that are multi-platform show nearly all the same behaviors on all platforms, and the differences are in the realm of the OS’s restrictions and capabilities, tags not being the kind of thing any OS would have a problem with, and they are an independent standard of their own after all. Windows users will probably find answers to some of their questions on the Linux side if you can’t find them here, and vice versa, hence why I ended up here where the topic was brought up.

Oh, and As I already clearly stated: I am not looking for an alternative app, because I already use a great taging app on Linux, one with AI that can recognize music and fill in the blanks, nor do I even look for Alternatives for Windows apps because I don’t use Windows at all, and haven’t for over a decade. I was very clear about doing it in Audacity on export, where I am already editing tags. How is that not logical or reasonable?

OK, so the short answer is; No, not yet. Audacity does not support attaching art audio files.