Adding Index, Track, Marker, to a large MP3 File

Hello, We were wondering if it is possible to add Index, Tracks, anything that will identify a next song to a large MP3 audio file, we have large mixes mp3’s that are over 1 hour playing time, is it possible to add some kind of mark, to mark those starting songs, so that after exporting the file, it is still one hour continue non stop music, but also be able to skip to the next track/song?

Thank You very much…


A few MP3 players support “chapter” tags which can be used to identify different sections of an MP3. Chapter tags are non-standard, and many programs (including Audacity) do not support them.

An approach that is supported by most MP3 players is to split the large MP3 into separate files (one per song), and create a playlist in the MP3 player to tie the MP3s together so that they play continuously one after another. There’s a tutorial in the manual that describes one way to split a long file into multiple separate files: