Adding beats and measures to existing mp3?

I am new to Audacity and I just realized something that would help me immensely. I just have no idea how to do it. I drop in an existing .mp3 file. That works fine. I would then love to be able to pull out beats 1-4 of measure 10 for example. Right now, I have to listen to it and try to pick that section out of a “stream” of data. Very tough. Is there a way to add counts and measures to an existing song? Is the software smart enough to figure that out? (I really have no idea) Then, can I select “blocks” of measures to work with? This would be incredible if I could do this.


It’s quite difficult for a computer to accurately detect beats unless the beats are very strong. In the Analyze menu is “Beat Finder” that attempts to label the beats If the music has strong beats this might work.