Adding background music to my VIDEO

Hi, can I import a video into audacity in order to add and edit a background music? If it is possible, can you tell me how to do or pointing me at the right forum topic?

Audacity is an audio editor. You’ll need a video editor. I’ve used Corel Video Studio and CyberLink Power Director, but I don’t want to make a specific recommendation. There are some free video editors, but I haven’t tried them.

Most video editors can do some audio editing, so you may not need audacity.

You can open an Audio/video file in Audacity (you may need the optional FFmpeg Import/Export Library) and Audacity will open the audio for editing. When you export, you will only export the audio so you’ll need an video editor to re-combine (multiplex) the edited audio and video.

Of course, if you are editing the existing audio extracted from a video, you cannot make cuts or splices or any edits that affect timing or else the audio & video will be out-of-sync when you re-combine them.

FFmpeg add-on lets Audacity recognize the audio tracks from many different video formats.

Scroll down.

But, as above, Audacity won’t edit video, so you need a video editor to put your new show back. And do not use MP3. MP3 sound files can mess with timing.

A tutorial on how to use Audacity & the free Avidemux video-editor …

Other free video-editors are available …

I think he goes a little unclear at 4 minutes 30 seconds. He says he could not find a PCM option when it is in the list, but what he should have chosen is “Copy” of the new audio file if he wanted to use the file as is.

However his output MP4 format might not have accepted WAV, in which case he might have had to choose AVI video format as output.