Adding a track

I have a stereo signal from my DAW going to a stereo track, works great, everything’s fine. I’ll record the DAW tracks while singing, I’ve tried it and it works great.

But now I need to add a track so I can overdub the solos, so I added a mono track but now I can’t work out how to send channel 2 of my mixer to track 3 in Audacity.

It seems such a simple thing, anybody know how to do this?

What interface are you using to connect your mixer to your Mac?

What “DAW” are you using?

Overdubbing in Audacity requires some setup:

– Bill

I’m using an Allen and Heath ZED6FX 4-channel mixer going into a Lexicon Lambda interface. The DAW keyboard is an old Ensoniq TS10 with 2 outputs, left and right that go to the left and right inputs on the Lexicon and a USB cable carries the signal to the computer.

Is the Lexicon Lambda one of these: ?

I still don’t understand your signal chain. You’ve got the Ensoniq plugged directly into the Lexicon. You say you sang along with the keyboard - does that mean you had a microphone plugged into the Lexicon, or into the A+H mixer? Where is the mixer plugged?

In any case, just try recording onto the third mono track. Audacity should map one of the stereo channels supplied by the Lexicon via the USB interface to the track you’re recording on.

– Bill

Yes, that’s the interface I’m using. The Ensoniq’s stereo outs are going into the mixer’s inputs, then the mixer’s outs are going into the Lexicon’s inputs, then the USB cable from the Lexicon goes into the computer. What happens is I play a stereo song track while singing at the same time which is recorded into Audacity; that works fine. Now I need to add a track in Audacity to record solos.

Thanks for the clarification.

I can only say again: try it. Audacity should record on the new track - no need to worry about mapping inputs.

And again, overdubbing (which is what your are doing) requires some setup in Audacity. See my first post.

– Bill

Okay, I can now record an extra track for my solo. Now I’m facing the latency problem. I’ve reviewed various videos on the subject and I think I have an angle on the process, but now my problem is that the solo won’t always be in time with the rhythm/vocal track, it’ll go in and out of time as solos tend to do. Setting up a click track won’t work in that case since the solo could come in on the beat or slightly after it and so on. Still trying to work it out, so far no luck.