Adding a track

OK, I know this is probably a simple question. I’m a new user coupled with the fact that I’m 80 years old. I’ve already spent the last two days messing around with Audacity. I’ve searched both the forum and the users manual for a simple answer to my question. Here’s what I’m trying to do: I’ve imported a stereo voice clip and looped it. What I want to do now is to record exactly what’s being said on the looped track below it on another track synced to it. I want to be able to record the second track while I I’m listening to the original track and able to then playback both the original and my recorded track. I can’t seem to figure out just how to heck to do that. I’m sure it’s a really simple thing to do. The reason I’m attempting this is in learning Spanish. I want to play my speaking the words against the original so as to compare the both. Looping the original about 10 times will enable me to do so.
I have trouble with the second track. First it was just adding to the first and then when I finally figured out how to add the 2nd track it only started recording at the end of the first track even though it was below it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

So do you want the end result to be:

“Original word 1” … “Your voice” … “Original word 1” … “Your voice” …“Original word 1” … “Your voice” …

Does the “original track” have spaces between words / phrases for you to speak?
“Original word 1”…“Original word 2”…“Original word 3”…

No, I want a stereo track running (lets say) 10 repetitions of a word or phrase. Then under it i want to mimic the original track as it’s being spoken simultaneously so that when I play them back I can hear the difference between my own pronunciation and the native one. In other words I’ll be giving myself 10 times or so to get it right or as near right as possible.

I think that what I’m trying to do would be called “dubbing” Like you would add a vocal underneath a musical piece being played, only in this case I would just be repeating (as closely as possible) what was playing on the 1st track. What I can’t seem to figure out is to how to start the second track under the 1st. It (Audacity) keeps recording me either by adding to the end of the first track or, if I manage to start another track it begins underneath, but at the end of the 1st track I’ve already put down. OK, let me try to make this clearer. Say I record the phrase Buenos Dias being spoken by a native speaker over and over 10 times. Now, all I want to do is to record my own voice under it, as I’m listening to the first recording over and over. Me saying Buenos Dias simultaneously with the native speaker 10 times. I’m not talking brain surgery here.

This should be real simple, but I can’t figure HTF to record the second track so it starts at the same place the first one does. If the first one starts 2 seconds in and runs to 30 seconds, I what the one I’m recording to do the same. NOT TRY TO SYNC IT AFTER THE FACT. I just want to be saying the phrase at the same time as it’s recording on the first track whether it’s stereo or mono.

Phew!!! I hope that explains what I’m trying to do. Once again it’s seems it would be real simple but I can’t seem to get the software to perform the way I need it to.


OK,here’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish. However, when I go to record my own voice (as he’s doing in the video) it’d not starting out in the same place as the original recording.

He’s using an old version of Audacity.
In the current version, to record to a new track, hold down the Shift key and click the Record button (or “Shift + R”).
If it’s still not starting the recording from the start, click the rewind button (<<) before doing the “Shift + Record”.