Adding a sound over a track


I have ZERO knowledge of any of this. Have found audacity, and hope I can work with it.
I am a new fitness instructor, and would like to add a couple different sounds over different places in my tracks to cue/prompt me when to change/transition to the next exercise in case I am talking and miss hearing the music properly.
So, do I add the second and third track…the sounds and then can I just have them play over where I want them, or do I have to add silence to match the rest of the tracks where it doesn’t play? Very confused.

There is a tool called AutoDuck which will automatically reduce (duck) the volume of the music when the sounds occur on the other track, so the combined volume of the two tracks is not excessive.

AutoDuck is a bit complicated to use. If there are only a few ducks required it would be feasible to do them manually with Audacity’s envelope tool

If you have enough headroom you don’t need to duck.

Thank you very much! Good to know, I’ll use that.
But what I am trying to figure out is…my sounds are extremely short, like a quick ting…and I need to place the sound over 3 different places in each track.
Do I import the ding track 3 times…then move the sound in the tracks to where I need them? Does that make sense?
(I have to figure out how to move it too…they all start at once, lol! learning curve!)

Import it once, then copy & paste the ding, same as a word-processor : “Ctrl”+“C” to copy, “Ctrl”+“V” for paste …
copy & paste demo.gif