adding a control to reverb.

here’s something maybe useful for reverb and other effects and plugins and vst:

just add: wave intensity
you can also add pitch intensity.

can some please add this wave intensity to reverb for me please?

“Sound Intensity” is meaningless for “waveforms”. If you turn up the volume on your playback system, the “sound intensity” goes up. If you turn down the volume, the “sound intensity” goes down. The “sound intensity” also depends on how far you are from the loudspeakers.

i’ve always thought how the tone voice is intensified. is there way to intensified or deintensified the voice?

i probably already know the answer that i’m going to get.

is there a hypnotic nyquist plugin for audacity?
if not, and can some please create hypnotic nyquist plugin?

“Generate menu > Click Track” perhaps?

there is no hypnotic effect for what i want to do.
there for, please can someone create a hypnotic effect plugin please?

Please try to be realistic. We have no idea what you want to do or what you mean by “hypnotic effect”.

this is what i want to do to my own voice:
for the effect i need to. i’m sorry if you can’t understand. this where i get stuck on creating a hypnotic effect.
the video i just gave you could give you idea to do for hypnotic effect.

Perhaps this is what you mean:

That video has nothing to do with audio…

You seem to believe it’s as simple as recording some words, throwing a filter over the audio and ending up with a hypnotic message. If that could be done somehow, the advertising business would be all over it, wouldn’t they? :smiley:

EMI has done some research in the sixties that showed that you can influence people’s subconscious feelings with modulated noise patterns. When coupled with single image ads in movie theaters, they could easily double popcorn sales. That particular research has been closed (you won’t find anything about it on the net). It’s also illegal in most countries.

Modulated noise (as in white noise, hiss) is easy enough to make. Audacity can do that. But you’re on your own when it comes to find intensity, modulation frequency and so on. I’m not sure it’s even a part of hypnosis.

Our hearing/brain filters out noise after a minute or so, if the modulation is constant and not too wild. But all of this doesn’t work “in the wild”. It works only in isolated, quiet environments like a movie theater. If there is “normal” background noise, it doesn’t work at all.

i see now. so how can we create a effect for the audio, and with this informations you gave us cyrnano?

I must have been terribly unclear :smiley:

I don’t recall the numbers, if they were in the article I read so many years ago. It was around 1976 or so and it was an article in a fairly serious Dutch scientific magazine called “Natuur en techniek”. That article got pulled a couple of months later. N&T doesn’t seem to have an archive available that goes so far back.

So you can’t simply create an effect. Even if you had the numbers.

You would need to recreate the experiment and the effect works best (or only?) if supported by images.

ok thanks!.

maybe i wasn’t clear. i want someone to create a hypnotic effect filter for me so i can use it on my own voice. i can’t because i don’t have the knowledge for it. can someone please do this for me? and it’s called hypnosis.

Sorry, no we can’t. Topic locked.