adding 10 seconds silence at the end to mp3 [SOLVED]

I am using Audacity 2.0.5 on windows 7 OS. I require your help in automating the process for my requirement. My requirement is to insert 10 seconds of silence at the end of each mp3 file. I have more than 3000mp3 files of various lengths for which chain process is great. can someone guide me.

MM Ahmed

You can use this Trim / Extend Nyquist plug-in in a Chain. See how to install Nyquist plug-ins .

Be aware you will degrade each MP3 by doing this because you will have to re-encode the MP3.

There are direct MP3 editors with limited editing features (cut/paste, trim, split/join and change volume) that don’t re-encode MP3’s, and so don’t cause degradation. I don’t think those editors would have a simple way to insert silence at the end of each MP3 as a batch process. You would probably have to append a specially prepared silent MP3 to each MP3.


Thanks Gale, your advice worked as a charm. As my requirement could handle degraded mp3 files, it saved me much time.

Thanks once again.

MM Ahmed.