=-add track-mono--starts rec on strereo track?


Start software - add mono track–press record—audacity automaitically adds stereo track and records.

I muted stereo nothing - continues to record on muted track
I unistalled and installed again same thing

You can’t record stereo into a mono track.

Unfortunately, the number of recording channels is now hidden by default. To see or change the number of recording channels, click “Audio Setup > Recording Channels”.

It is not necessary to add a track before recording (though this may change in the future). If there is no suitable track selected, recording will automatically add a track to record into.

Now the default setting in Audacity is to record on a new track.
To change that, go to preferences: recording, & uncheck “Record on a new track”. Recording Preferences - Audacity Manual

Also if you want to record in mono, go to preferences:Devices, Recording, device, Channels , & select “1(mono)”…

record in mono

thanks will check this

thanks will try this

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