Add soundtrack to several audio files

I’ve understood that there is a feature for batch processing several audio files with desired effects – but as i’ve understood this – that is only limited to effects.

If I’d like to add a specifik soundtrack/background music to severl audio files, does anyone know how to go about this?

Audacity batch process is called Chains.


Audacity Chains does not do that. You might be able to do it all in one go with SoX. But unless you already know or can easily work out the SoX syntax, why not do it manually in Audacity given it is only a few files?


Thanks for the answer. However as I mentioned in the original post – I’m well aware of this feature, but that is not what I need, considering the fact – just as Gale pointed out – Chains does not do that.

The problem is that these “several audio files” that i want to add the specific (one) background music/soundtrack to, are like 250-300 audio clips.

I checked SoX a bit, but could not find any listed feature that would do this thing. Furthermore, I’m pretty much even more bewildered by SoX. I’m pretty stupid with programs that are designed primarily for command-line use, so if it actually does this thing that I’m asking for, I’d appreciate it if you could help me with the commands that do this, etc.

As audacity does not seem to have this implemented feature, does anyone know some plugin for aud that would do this, or some other program?

SoX has its own -users mailing list. I don’'t use SoX, but if the file is to be inserted at the beginning or end of each of your “several” files, try concatenate: