Add Rowetel's LGPL Codec2

I would like to see, especially for the sake of audio books, and logging radios, Rowetel’s LGPL Codec2 added to the basic install of Audacity. Codec2 (.c2 files) has the best high compression for voice of any codec, and is purposefully unencumbered IP. It is also very popular in the amateur radio community, and error hardy.

More on Codec2 here:

Thanks for your consideration!

Codec2 looks interesting, but it also looks to be in early stages of development.

Is there a defined file format?
If there is a file format definition, has it been “frozen” yet?
Is a command-line encoder available?
What software currently supports Codec2? (how would end users play files that are encoded as Codec2?)
Is there a reference encoder/decoder implementation? (where?)

Thanks for the suggestion. I have logged your interest in adding Codec2 support to Audacity.

I assume that you are aware that you can export as C2 from Audacity by using the “external program” option (requires the C2 command line encoder to be installed).

[Update: It appears that this topic was “bumped” by a spammer who has now been banned from this forum, so this reply has been merged with the original topic. It also appears that Codec2 is still being maintained and has gained popularity for cases where voice reproduction at extreme low bit-rates are required. Additional information about Codec2 on Wikipedia: ]