add/remove plugin option not on my effect menu [SOLVED]

Audacity version 2.1.0
Windows 10

I’m trying to install a plugin but there is no menu item “add/remove plugin” on my effect menu (which is what I’ve seen in the instructions). My effect menu has a list of effects, but no menu option to manage my plugins.

Very sorry if this is a dumb question. Newb.

I’m trying to install the SPL deverb plugin. I placed the dll file in the Audacity plugins folder. The next step is to go to effect menu, add/remove plugin, and set it up. But I’m stuck because that option is not available on my effect menu.

You’re using an old version of Audacity.
The current version is 2.1.2 and is available here:

Thank you for your help. I upgraded my Audacity software to 2.1.2

I used the Add/Remove Plugins… option and I saw the SPL Deverb plugin listed as new. I enabled it, clicked OK. It wasn’t listed in the Effect menu options. I repeated the Add/Remove Plugins… It still said “New”. I repeated the process. Closed and reopened Audacity, etc. I can’t seem to enable it.

Any ideas?

Make sure that you have the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit version (Audacity is a 32-bit application and does not support 64-bit VSTs.)

Thank you again. I thought I had the 32-bit plugin before but it’s possible that I didn’t so I downloaded it again and reinstalled, this time directing the installation to the Audacity plugin folder instead of installing to the default folder and copying it to the Audacity plugin folder later. Then I enabled it in Audacity via the Effects menu and :exclamation: It worked!

Thank you. You’re the best. – joanne :nerd: