Add remove effect option not showing in audacity drop down menu

I am trying to add an effect plugin to Audacity, I have already downloaded the effect and pasted it into the Local Disk(C)/Program Files(86)/Audacity/Plug-ins folder.
When I then look to add it via the effects drop down, the option to add / remove effects does not show.
I’m using Windows 11 and Audacity 3.3.3

I’ve attached a screen shot below, any suggestions?

“86” means you have a 32-bit version of Audacity.
If the plugin is 64-bit , (all new ones are), it won’t work in 32-bit Audacity.
The plugin may work in 64-bit Audacity.

Hi thanks for your prompt reply, the problem I have is activating the add / remove option, it doesn’t appear in the drop down menu so I’m unable to add any plugins be it 32-bit or 64-bit. Any suggestions as to how I might be able to see this option in order that I can attempt to add additional plugins?

In recent versions of Audacity, after installing a new plug-in you have to restart Audacity before the plug-in appears in the plug-in manager.

The problem is that I can’t install any plugins as the menu drop down to select add / remove plugin does not appear. This is what I’m trying to resolve.

The picture you’ve shown is Audacity 3. “86” Audacity could be Audacity2.

If you have Audacity 3 & Audacity 2 installed on the same computer there can be corruption of the Audacity files in the hidden “AppData” folder …


That corruption can result in plugin-management becoming bollixed.

To have Audcaity2 & Audacity3 on the same computer you have to separate them so they do not share the configuration files in the AppData folder.

Hi Trebor, thanks for your reply. My instinct is that I only have the one version installed ‘Audacity 3’, can you suggest how I could confirm this one way or the other.

Search your computer for “Audacity.exe”, (each is an instance of Audacity).

If you rename* the Audacity folder in AppData to, say, “audacity-old”, then restart Audacity 3, a fresh version will be created free from any corruption.


[ * rename rather than delete then you have the option of going back, and it has useful plugin data ].

“Add / Remove Effects” got renamed to “Plugin Manager”.

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