like my name suggests,i cannot read music nor play but to me this is a minor question or suggestion is: In the Audacity code is it possible to add/create a ‘step’ recording feature? That is to say, record a set number of bars(4,8)and duplicate the results repeatedly?This concept would include recording multiple tracks within the same desired parameter(s).

In short i want to ‘string’ together riffs consecutively to form a track and duplicate the process again with vocals,drum patterns,and instrumentals then ‘dump’ tracks until i have one full length stereo project a the end.i have version1.2
Thanx for any input.
p.s. Honestly i dont want to buy Cakewalk

You can do this in Audacity, as it is, though it is much easier in 1.3 than 1.2.
Download version 1.3.12 here:

When you have recorded your riff, select the section you want to copy, then:
Click on Edit > Copy (or Ctrl+C)
Press the Right Arrow to move the cursor to the end of the selection
Click on Edit > Paste, (or Ctrl+V), Right Arrow, Edit > Paste as many times as you want.


Good lookin out.ill download 1.3 and let everybody know.THANX

This process is normally refered to as creating loops…there are many loop freeware programs that do this and add such things as drums etc…you could download a loop generator program…create a loop then import the track to audacity…and so on…cut and paste over and over then mixdown. enjoy!

thanx for the word. been down ill but im back now.where do i find these ‘loops’?please don’t say the T word!im new to this posting,blogging stuff so please excuse any faux pas on my part.

Thanx again everybody!!! Now these loops,if i could manage to peck out a drum pattern through some tones on my board(casio2k)im guessing there is a metronome or some time correcting dealy…or do i have to be as tite as possible?

Some music programs have a feature called “Time Quantize” (often just called “Quantize”) that automatically adjusts slightly-out-of-time notes so that they play exactly on-the-beat. “Quantize” is a common feature on “Midi Sequencer” programs. Audacity is not a Midi Sequencer, it is a Multi-track Audio Editor, which is a very different thing, and does not have “Quantizing”.

In Audacity, if you create a short sequence of “notes”, you can repeat them multiple times using the “Repeat” effect in the Effect menu.

For a free Midi sequencing program, check out MuseScore and TuxGuitar

good info Steve.i hope im good to go now.preciate ya!..on a side note is there a place /forum to listen /upload Audacity projects to get a more experienced perspective?

Standard Audacity projects are very large because the audio is uncompressed. Audacity Beta can save as a compressed project (using one slightly lossy OGG file per track). The compressed project is thus more suitable for online sharing, but neither form of project saving is very portable becaue they come as a combined .aup file and _data folder, which have to be zipped on upload and unzipped on download.

Are you asking about sharing projects, or just about a place to listen to finished, mixed down audio files exported from Audacity projects (such as OGG or MP3 which are small enough to download or stream)?

We do have a Created Using Audacity page on our Wiki which has links to sites where Audacity users have posted their creations. You could for example create an account on MySpace or some other social networking site, upload your Audacity creations to your page there, then post a link to that page on Created Using Audacity. You only need a free Wiki account to edit Wiki pages.

We could create a YouTube Group as a place for Audacity users to upload audio files with pictures, videos with audio, or their Audacity video tutorials or how tos. As regards audio created with Audacity, I don’t see how you could patrol whether or not the audio really was made with Audacity. Does anyone think a YouTube Group a good idea?


Thanks Gale,

yea, i was just wondering how far i could push this software but, then i started thinking,since im not a musician and im limited to step recording for now,(i love the guitar tho’)how beneficial would it be to set my sights based on a composition by a person that can play?i really dont do the social sites or the Tube.they kill my unit with tracking cookies,besides,i would have that whole hyperlink thing.
I did want to say,i seem to be having the same issues with beta as i did with the first Audacity.When recording, while listening to playback, the ‘recording’ track doubles the playback track even if i never hit a single note.if i do use the mic or board this compounds my situation.disabling playback leaves me with no reference to how ‘offsync’ i am with the previous track.with playback disabled i can record several tracks and nothing dumps,combines,doubles,until i manually do so,but my time is waaay this where the Time Quantizing patch fits in?

If you are recording using “Stereo Mix”, then everything that the computer is playing will be recorded (including previous tracks).
To avoid this problem you need to go into your sound card settings and set the recording input specifically to the input that you are using (such as the “Mic” input).

There isn’t any patch for quantizing - Audacity would have to properly detect beats before it could quantize, which it can’t yet. As I understand it, quantizing is a micro-level adjustment rather than an adjustment that merely synchronises the start of the tracks (so if some notes are behind the beat and some after it due to performer error, they will be aligned to the beat). If that’s wrong, no doubt someone will correct me.

If you enable “software playthrough” in the Audacity Transport Menu you can hear a delayed copy of what you are recording while the recording is being made. To get less delay when monitoring the recording you can instead try unmuting the mic (or whatever input you are recording from) in the Playback side of “Sound” or similar in the Windows Control Panel. This does not work on all sound devices.

There is nothing you can do about your recording being laid down behind the beat of the track being played, except correct for it afterwards by pushing the recorded track backwards. Audacity does always apply a correction, but it doesn’t always bring the tracks into correct synchronisation.

You can always manually bring the tracks into sync. with Time Shift Tool (press F5 then click and drag in the track). In Audacity Beta you can do something more clever. You can measure how much behind the beat the recordings are, then enter that latency amount as a correction value in Recording Preferences. Audacity will then apply that correction automatically after the recording stops. If your latency is constant, then after Audacity applies the correction, the start of the recorded track will be in sync. with the track that was being played. There are instructions on how to do a latency test here.


thanks Steve

i never considered setting the s/c to the mic ,board,tables.or whatever outside source only while recording.i assumed that if i was laying down vocals after an instrumental track,the programme would read the live input leaving all other tracks in their line.(thats what i get for assuming.ukno wat they say ‘bout that!)makes perfect sense tho’ thanx again!


i think you got to the root of my issues!
sounds like to me, unless i cue all of my outside media,sync and record for one grande LIVE performance,Audacity is best suited otherwise.all of my problems are 'user’error.without a tme keeper and some sort of on-board syncs,im dead in the water.(simply manipulating the track within the project wont do.whenever its time to accompany outside sources,beats /notes are early or late…thus my name.
Is there still hope for me and Audacity?(love that name)

Thanx ‘guys’ :unamused:

i havent thrown in the towel.i found some plugs and wavs to use.i also found that i could make a click track to keep that things seem to be turning around,i notice that my comp speakers are acting as mics.thats fine ,but i have a mic.(apex435) This could be the reason why my tracks are doubling but,i dont understand how i can listen and record using the same piece.i may need to check my lines from the PV10 to my tower and back(i have outs to the mixer from the pc for my monitors,a shelf system til i upgrade) its late,ill line it up doin ribs with my own rubb recipe for Tday.its goin to be a busy one!