Add New Track OTHER than at bottom...

Q1. What’s the difference between focused and selected?

As you have seen, when performing an edit (“paste”) it is the selected track that is altered. The same is true when applying effects.
That’s the difference.

Q2. Why is track focus necessary at all?

Imagine that you are unable to use a mouse, touchpad or other “pointing device” and can only operate Audacity via a keyboard (as would be the case if you were blind, or possibly had severe arthritis). “Focus” allows you choose which tracks to select or un-select.

Got it, and thank you for the elegant explanation.

(Still embarrassed I never noticed the yellow border, which of course now I can’t not see… :wink:

I wrote a plug-in to add a label track directly below the current track and posted about it in this other thread: Why Are New Tracks Always Added to the End? You Should be Able to Add Them After the Selected Track, including some thoughts on how to change the plug-in to add a different kind of track. Figured I’d post back here since this was how I found the other thread!