Add my own voice into Blendermade cartoon

I Need some advice how to add my own voice into my Blender animated cartoons.
I never try this before.
Im using Blender 2.49a on my iMac Intel 10.5.8 Leopard with QuickTime Pro/Perian and iTunes.

In Blender I vill use Lip-Cync and Sequence Editor. I never try Audacity before.

Thanks in advance.



If you already know how to mix a sound track with your animation, then all you need is to record your voice. The simplest way to do that – as an experiment – is to use the Mac built-in microphone. All the laptops and iMacs have them. Change the Mac default audio to Mic-In.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Input > Mic-in.

Open Audacity and change the preferences to 44100, 16-bit, Stereo, and Audio I/O > Input > built-in microphone.

Restart Audacity to make sure the settings hold.

Press record in Audacity and speak normally. The red sound meter should start bouncing and a blue waveform will be generated. Do this for a few seconds as test only. Stop and Export As WAV. See if you can use that WAV file in your animation.


Thanks for reply. Yesterday I downloaded Audacity into my iMac. I dont do anything more than press Rec and start talking. I playback and my voice come out without any disturbance. Perfect.

Now you tell me to export as Wav and 44100 16-bit. i promiss, I vill try out.

Next week Apple come out with a new cat. I can upgrade my Leopard to Snow-leopard and maybe can use 64 bit.

Thank you :smiley:

<<<I can upgrade my Leopard to Snow-leopard and maybe can use 64 bit.>>>

And maybe Audacity will stop working.

<<<Now you tell me to export as Wav and 44100 16-bit. >>>

That is the Music CD sound standard and it is the most common high quality sound in the world. MP3 is much more popular, but the MP3 process can create sound damage. You need to see what kind of sound the animation package must have.


Good news.
Thank you

Hello Koz.
This is the result of my first try to add voice to my cartoons. I need to work more on lipcync.
I try with MP2, MP3 and ACC. MP2 work perfect, I have some trubble with MP3. Vimeo recomend ACC, but no sound was add to the video.
Anyhow, now I know how it works.
Thank you