Add blank space

I learned how to remove (scissors) parts of the file I don’t need, but I don’t know how to add blank space to the beginning or end of the music. Please help.

Probably the easiest way is to “generate silence” where you want it. “Generate menu > Silence…”

Thanks so much for the advice. It worked! It still would be nice to have an icon to click when you want to add more space. That is why I really like the scissors icon. It is easy to find and use.

The Edit Toolbar buttons perform an action without any dialogue popping up. Such a button wouldn’t simply insert the silence unless the amount of silence was already specified somewhere.


I’m with Grannywin… this is a pain and a common part of my workflow. Specifically when I want to bump some audio ahead in time in my track. I always end up copying blank space and pasting it into the spot where I need it, but this is not always easy with a full project. Does anyone have an alternative to this method?

Generate Silence is not useful in this context because it’s destructive and it already has a button (just to the left of undo). If there were a Generate Silence “insert” option for a non-destructive addition to the track, then it would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Aud v. 2.3.0 on Win 10

Gale Andrews will not be replying to you as he passed away in July 2017.

How about the Time Shift tool?

Not sure if this is what you want but if you want to mix 2 tracks together, load one track, then select some space after the track with selector tool, then use generate silence. his will pad the end then you can copy paste the next track after it.