Add and retain metadata for each song in a continuous mixed track digitized to wav from tape?

In the old days I recorded 90-min cassette mixed tapes having individual songs from different artists that did not have a quiet space between each. I am trying to use Audacity 3.3 to digitize each tape which will result in a single contiguous file. I am am unclear about how to accomplish the following post processing items for desired final outcomes:

  1. How to add metadata tor each song without creating a silence break between each song that includes title and artist, & maybe LP name;
  2. How to retain that meta data in the correct position for exporting the final edit as a wav file;
  3. How to retain that information and its visibility (in my cars which show meta data from some ripped CDs) when the final file is exported from Audacity as a wav file and subsequently saved to a flash drive and ripped to CDs - in both cases I want the file to play back without interruption between each song but showing the meta data for each song on equipment capable of showing it.

Any assist will be greatly appreciated!

-meEdit (Doug)

Most formats only allow one set of metadata for each file.

I’ve done it with CDs - you split the continuous track at a CD frame boundary into separate tracks, each with their own title etc in the metadata - but I think it largely depends on the player being able to play the tracks contiguously so that there’s no stutter as playback transfers from one track to the next.

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