I looked through the Forum to see if there was a listing or even a question concerning the use of two mics. I didnt see any or maybe Im just not asking the question properly.

My idea and I guess question concerns the use of the laptops common input jack for an extra microphone. Actually, my laptop has a built in Mic and a Jack for an external Mic and a USB connector that I can use for a large Ball Type Mic. Matter of fact, Ive got an older model Guitar Hero Big Ball Mic thats not too shabby in what it delivers for sounds.

What I wanted to do was to have the ordinary Mic jack to use for vocal and the USB connection for my guitar amp. To mic the amp while I play and sing both at the same time.

I do know that once the external jack for a mic is used it shuts off the internal mic completly. But, for some reason this software as well as the recording software that comes with 7 and my Lenovo Laptop only recognizes 1 mic being used and not two.

Is there a way or does anyone know in the Forum or at the developers how this could be accomplised? To attempt to record voice along with guitar amp’d music is really tough to get a decent level and almost impossible when not in a studio but using a spare bedroom and no sound baffeling or proofing. Its either fight over the sound of the amp or have the vocal get lost in the music depending on just how hard the strings are strummed at times. And when in a song you would want to lower the volume for mood or for overall feeling of the song its really tough to drop volume on the guitar at the same time.

Any help with this to demonstrate how its already done, or how its planned already or has no chance of getting done I would really appreciate the help and advice.

Audacity can only record from ONE device at a time.

However, what you can do with Audacity is to record one part (say, guitar), then record another part (say, vocals) onto a new track while listening to the part(s) that are already recorded. This is called “Multi-track” recording (as opposed to “multi-channel” recording). Multi-track recording is a popular technique in both home and professional studios.