ACX Plugin won't install

A word on the results.

A noise figure of 60.1dB is passing (-60dB is the limit) but not desirable. Conversion from WAV to MP3 (for ACX submission) changes the chapters slightly and the chapter could still go over and fail. -65dB or quieter is better.

How to dB:

ACX Check will throw an error if it finds a crazy good noise number. -96dB is not normal and ACX used to refuse those because getting to a number that quiet used to cause sound damage. ACX doesn’t like sound damage.

ACX-Check only checks electrical or mechanical specifications (Is it too loud?). Something you can get a computer to do. It doesn’t check artist rendering, expression, theatrical presentation, or distortion. So if you stutter or stammer like your face is broken, those chapters may make it all the way to ACX Marketing Submission before anybody catches it.

Yes, ACX has an on-line checker similar to ACX-Check.

It’s lovely, but it doesn’t check noise.

You can whip up a 10 second sound test and publish it here. We can do actual human tests. Slowly. You may need to wait until the earth goes around once.

That’s far better than submitting your 300 page book only to find out it needs to be redone. Yes, that does happen.

And a final shot, I need to be able to buy your book on Amazon right now, and it has to not be on this forbidden list (scroll down).

No cookbooks. Sorry.