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I am a complete and utter beginner when it comes to downloading plugins for Audacity. I have no fricken idea what to do and I have a project I need to do that is due by Friday with the ACX plug in. Please, could anyone help me? I have the link but I click on it and nothing happens. I cannot open the file because it says I don’t have an app associated with it. I really am desperate, I don’t know what to do.

I have Windows 10

Copy Acx-check.ny into your Audacity plug-ins folder.
Then you’ll need to enable it.
Then, you’ll find it in the Analyze menu.

[u]Details here[/u]

a project I need to do that is due by Friday with the ACX plug in

Assuming you got it from us, ACX Check will only tell you if your performance will meet the technical requirements of ACX/Audible. It’s an analyzer. It won’t force the performance to pass and it will not guarantee the performance will pass theater or Human Quality Control testing which comes later.

We do publish Audiobook Mastering, but that can take a bit of getting used to and it needs you to install Audacity plugins.

…by Friday

If this is a drop-dead must-work show, you can visit an actual sound studio and get them to produce the voice track with you. After the show is out of the way, come back here and we will talk you through doing it yourself. It’s not as easy as the home microphone makers want you to think, there is no one-button process (other than the pro studio) and it can take weeks to stamp out all the problems.


Have you picked a microphone and set it up according to their instructions? Are you recording on your computer? With Audacity?

One of the problems with forum help is the time shift. We can’t be looking over your shoulder in real time, we don’t do remote login, and each forum cycle can be a day depending on when the forum elves are available.

Friday is going to get here quick.


I am using 2.3.3! Windows 10…I have used the NYquist Plugin installer …it says I have the ACX Check installed…I enabled it…went back through “Effects”…nothing…did all of the same procedures for the De-esser…just to see…Perfect! De-esser showed up under effects…went back tried again with ACx Check…nothing…rebooted the Audacity Program…nothing…scratchin my head here…help plz…JJ

Windows 10, Audacity 2.3.3 The ACX Check plugin is found under the Analyze tab, not the Effects tab