ACX Noise Floor Too Low

I have recorded and edited an Audiobook. I am now at the part to process the Audio and the ACX Check lists the Noise floor as INFINITE, both before and after applying the Macros chain. (RMS -20, EQ, -3.2 DB Hard Limit).

How do I raise this without distorting the audio? The noise floor does not sound unnatural. I think it sounds good, but it needs to pass ACX standards. I have also ran the ACX Check on the entire audio as well as each chapter individually. I have tried raising the low and high ends, but it creates a very bassy sound. Any other tips to correct this?



Somehow you created some pure digital silence (somewhere in the file) while editing.

You can generate some noise (pink noise might be best) and mix it in.

Use Track → Add New to create a track for the noise. When you export the tracks will be mixed.

The Amplify effect can only attenuate by -50dB so you’ll have to run it twice to get the level down to around -70dB. (I don’t know what the minimum noise is but I assume -70 or -80dB will work.

That won’t help… Minus infinity dB has a digital value of zero. Amplifying or “boosting” is done by multiplication so you are multiplying by zero and the dead-silent parts are still dead silent.

Of course, back-up your files before you start adding noise!!!

Thank You It seems to be working so far. Should I add in the Pink Noise before or after processing the audio chain? I saved them as 2 separate MP3s. Raw audio with Pink Noise and Processed Audio with Pink Noise. The Processed audio passes the ACX Check. I am just curious which is the better way to go in regards to audio quality.

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