ACX Mastering


How are you all getting these samples checked… is this through ACX?

If you’re coming in in the middle of the movie, we published an audiobook production suite of tools. One of the tools is ACX-Check which is a model of the first test that ACX does when it receives your submission. If it fails that, then you need to go back and solve the technical problems before you test again.

ACX-Check and Audacity allow you to make changes and test immediately without going through repeated submissions.

The correction suite doesn’t do a thing for theatrical reading or other presentation errors, so you can still fail.

You can’t force your voice to pass. One of the ACX failures is “Overprocessing.” You can’t submit cellphone voice or talking into a rain barrel.

Post back if you have troubles.

Quick hint. Can you tell your computer is on just by listening? If so, you will probably never pass noise without serious changes.