ACX edits / retakes sound different when cut into audiobook


Very new to this, so apologies for the misuse of vernacular.

I’ve begun recording an audiobook with my father. I do my best to use punch and roll to catch mistakes live, but sometimes I find them later on. I had him rerecord portions which I thought needed to be redone, and then I clipped them into the track, replacing the original audio.

The problem: The new / retakes sound different than the original recording. Same equipment in same room was used, just a day later. Why is this? How can I create a more uniform audiobook (recording on different days, using same equipment)?

Sample attached still needs to be edited for pauses (particularly around the retakes), breaths, etc, but I’m discouraged to continue at all until I figure out why the retakes sound so much different. Also, in general I want all of the chapters to sound the same, not just within a chapter.

AT2020 is equipment used.

All audio run through the same compression, loudness normalization, and de-clicker (copied from a beginners ACX course). No EQ filter yet, as I have not figured out how to best apply that.

They look different too, in spectrogram view

It’s possible to talk into the wrong side of an AT2020,
also the distance you are from it changes the EQ: aka proximity effect

Thanks for the input Trebor! And thanks for linking that video. I got the side of the mic part right, but I’m guessing the retakes were at a slightly different distance from the microphone. I’ll work to control that better.

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