ACX Check

I’m using Audacity 2.3.2 with the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 interface and a Nueman 102 microphone. I have an excellently treated dedicated sound booth and have been recording audio books for about a year and never had a problem passing the ACX Check. Overnight and without any settings or equipment being changed and maintaining my usual recording position and speaking levels every file is now failing the ACX Check. I have changed all the cables, used different microphones, used a USB Yeti microphone, tried a different interface and tried eight different computers. Nothing seems to help. The only way I can get a file to pass the check is to use the laptop’s built in microphones which of course are not of high quality. I am desperate to find a solution. Please can anyone help?

and never had a problem passing the ACX Check.

And we assume ACX/Audible Acceptance? Are you published? You didn’t actually say so.

failing the ACX Check.

What’s failing? ACX Check measures three different things.

Do you have Windows set for Auto Update?

Do you use any corrections, tools, filters or effects after announcing?

Do you use Skype, chat or any conferencing programs or games? All of them can affect computer sound services without telling you.


I read that multiple times wondering if it fit into any pattern.

After a particularly strong cup of tea, I got it. I have seen this before. What you were doing before was broken.

This is all hypothetical, but every major system change produces at least one user/person who was enjoying a defect in the old system to their advantage. An update or repair reduces their work to trash.

It’s a perfect match. You tried multiple computers, microphones and interfaces and announced exactly you always do, and yet the production is in some way defective. It would be insanely good to know what part of ACX Check failed.

I submit that a Windows Update “fixed” something you were using and that process isn’t available any more. That would show in multiple computers since most people leave Auto Update running in the background. Nobody would be shocked about that. Computer updates recently have created some very entertaining chaos.

Based on your description of your studio, I bet we can get you running again without much fuss.

Set up the microphone and interface and computer you like to use and record a ten second voice test. Record it, cut it to length, export the sound file and send it. Do Not Change Anything.