acx check tool showing as a text

I’ve been trying to download the acx check tool to windows 10 and its just appearing as a text. I’ve tried dragging it to the folder that not working. I’m getting a message stating Audacity did not recognize the type of file (\User\owner\appdata\local\packages\Microsoft. microsoftedge_8wckybd8bbwe\tempstate\downloads\acx-check(1).NY try installing FFmreg.for uncompressed files also try file>import>raw data which I did

I’ve installed lame& ffmreg still no success

any suggestions

“acx check tool” is a Nyquist plugin file, which is just a text file.
No need to open the “Acx-check.NY” Nyquist file, just paste a copy of it into Audacity’s plugin folder,
which in Windows is in this hidden folder


Then you have to enable the ACX tool, then it will then appear in Audacity’s Analyze menu

Enable ACX tool in Audacity.gif
[BTW It’s useful to have FFMpeg & LAME installed, but they are not required for Audacity tools/effects/plugins ].

Quick note. If you are or are planning to read for Audiobooks, ACX suggests strongly you produce and submit in mono (one blue wave) and not stereo. That also has the advantage of greatly simplifying ACX Check.

Those are the three technical values for a basic successful reading.

Also note that you have to have at least 3/4 second or more of good quality background sound for the noise measurement to succeed.


Also fair warning not to read a whole book before you solve sound quality problems. Nobody wants to find out they have nasty, permanent problems and need to solve them and read it all again.

You can read a simple 20 second sound performance and make sure you can pass that before you read anything longer.

This panel tells you to post to the forum, but you can test your sound file in Audacity at home before you do that.

If you just can’t get a test to pass, then post it to the forum. 20 second mono is about the longest file the forum will accept.

Everybody fails noise on first reading. Background noise or “room tone” has to be -60dB according to ACX. In English, the background noise has to be a thousand times quieter than your voice.

Can you tell if your computer is on just by listening? Refrigerator? Air Conditioner or Heater?

Kiss of death.