Acx check plugin won't install crashes application

help please!
Mac OS Sonoma 14.1.1 (new to me MacBook Air 2020 M1)
installed Audacity 3.4.1
Installed FFmpeg import/export Library. Checked it was installed in Preference>Library, it is.
Go to Nyquist plug in installer, browse and select dowloaded ACX Check plug in, hit install.
Application crashes given the following info. ( this is just the first few lines of the notification)
"Operating system: Mac OS X
14.1.1 23B81
CPU: arm64
8 CPUs


Crash address: 0x70
Process uptime: 12 seconds"

would love to know what I’m doing wrong .

Thanks so much!

You shouldn’t be able to cause a crash.

Audacity 3.4.0 and 3.4.1 are currently experiencing some related difficulties. I would wait for 3.4.2 and try again then. In the meantime,

old versions of Audacity (including 3.3.3) are available here: Old Audacity versions download

ACX-Check is a shortcut. You don’t have to do it that way. Although as jademan above, it’s a little disturbing that it doesn’t work for you.

This is the process back before we had electric lights.

ACX-Check rips through your performance looking for the quietest section to measure noise. The manual method depends on you finding a representative segment in the performance.

You will also be missing the warnings about having noise that’s too quiet. There is such a thing.


Neither of the dB Explainers at the bottom of that page work because I wrote that for the old Audacity forum. I can rescue some of that when I get there.

Here’s the raw dB explainer.

thanks for the replies!
patience is not my virtue today lol. so I’ll give the last version a chance and also try my hand at the gaslight powered method as well. I appreciate the time and know how contributed for the way in which I plug in consolidates the work. always good to know WHAT something is doing when you magically press a button and it gives you an answer.


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