ACX AudioLab recording feedback - bit rate criteria

i just uploaded a test file to the new AudioLab in ACX - the analysis came back with the following 2 issues…see below. I read their Encoding Guide and also looked for settings in Audacity to address these, but cant find anything. How do I adjust settings to ensure I meet these criteria? Thanks!


Bit Rate (Kbps) = 138
File is encoded below 192 Kbps. Re-encode the original source audio of this file using a bit rate of 192 Kbps or higher. Read our Encoding Guide for further guidance.

Bit Rate Method = VBR
File is not encoded in Constant Bit Rate (CBR). Read our Encoding Guide for further guidance.

When you export your MP3 from Audacity, pay attention to the MP3 settings. (see:

  • Select “Constant” as the “Bit rate mode”.
  • Set “Quality” to 192

Did you set the MP3 export options?

Variable Bit Rate is a setting in the Audacity export panel (red bar).

The above is an example of how you would Export for ACX submission. You can use Force Mono, ACX likes Mono submissions, but I’m not a fan. Make Mono in your Audacity edit master and then the Channel Mode options don’t mean anything.


Did you save your reading as MP3 anywhere in the production process? That would be logical since we know ACX wants Master Chapter Submissions in MP3.