ACX and audiobooks profile questions

ACX tool

We need to get the words right. There is ACX Check which measures the technical standards of your chapter or show.

The display gives you more than you need. The important bits are in the red boxes.

Then there’s Audiobook Mastering which is the suite of corrections you can apply to guarantee ACX Peak and RMS (loudness). If you recorded well in a quiet, echo-free room, you may be done.

Yes, RMS Normalize can change the overall volume of your show depending on what’s required. If you produced a very low volume raw recording, the change can be significant.

Record the work, Stop, Export a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit protection copy, and apply Mastering according to this panel.

Did you pass noise by at least -65dB?

If you did, go in and suppress your ticks, pops, and mouth clicks. Those corrections should be tiny enough not to affect the technical standards. When you get it to sound right, run ACX Check again. You should still pass, and you’re done.

Did you fail noise? Many home readers do. How bad is it? How much did you miss the -60dB specification? Can you make -65dB?

Peak and RMS (loudness) respond to a couple of Audacity effects. Noise is the graduate course.